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February 16, 2014 - Version 2014 released - new MAJOR update

Added support for 120 new file formats. Now these file types are supported too: 3FR, 4XM, ACT, AEA, AIFF, ALL, ANM, APC, ARW, ASF, AU, BAT, BAY, BIK, CAF, CAFF, CAM, CDG, CDXL, CONF, CONFIG, CPK, CR2, CRW, CS1, CSS, CSV, DC2, DCM, DCR, DCS, DCX, DIC, DICOM, DNG, DOCM, DOT, DOTX, EAC3, ERF, FFF, G3F, G3N, G722, GSM, GXF, H261, H263, H264, HDP, IEV, IFF, IIQ, INI, IRCAM, J2C, J2K, JIF, JXR, K25, KDC, LOG, LVF, LXF, LYR, MDC, MEF, MLP, MOS, MRW, MV, MVI, MXF, NEF, NRW, NSV, NUT, NUV, OGV, ORF, PAF, PEF, PIX, PMP, PTX, PVF, PXM, PXN, QCP, RAF, RAW, RDC, ROQ, RPL, RW2, RWL, SHN, SMK, SR2, SRF, SRW, SWF, TARGA, TXD, V2, VMD, VOC, VQF, W64, WAV, WBMP, WDP, WV, X3F, XA, XIF, XML, XMV, XWMA and YOP. See the complete list here.

Excel spreadsheet viewer updated to improve Excel 2013 support, reduce memory use, be more conformant with various XLS files, display large files faster and support displaying of numbers in engineering format. Many bugfixes too.

Word document viewer updated to support more document formats.

PDF viewer updated to improve rendering quality and fix a few bugs.

Image viewer updated to support RAW digital photos from almost 600 camera models.

Video playback engine updated to improve picture rendering and sound quality.

Audio playback engine updated to improve sound quality.


August 9, 2012 - Version 2012 released

New PDF engine that solves issues with display of certain PDFs. Adds support for PDF forms, PDFs with javascript and documents with Chinese, Japanese and Korean fonts.

New XLSX engine that displays and prints XLSX files better than the previous one. Adds support for .XLSM files, which are Excel .XLSX files with Macros.

Major update of the video and audio playback engine, resulting in improved playback quality. Adds support for .SPX (speech), .AMR and .DIVX files.

Bugfix: Could not open video and audio files with non-English characters, like Chinese.


September 29, 2011 - Version 2011 Update 2 released

Updated PDF engine to fix a problem causing certain PDF files to display as blank pages.

Major improvement of winmail.dat file handling. When you click on an attachment in a winmail.dat file, you will now see the correctly formatted content without having to save the file first.

When opening HTML files, they will now be displayed as in a web browser instead of displaying the HTML code.


February 6, 2011 - Version 2011 released

Major update of the media file playback engine to improve both audio and video playback quality.

Updated PDF engine to maximize compatibility with all PDF files.

Updated DOC/DOCX engine to fix a few issues with .docx files.

Fixed a printing problem for .docx files.


September 24, 2010 - Version 2010 Update 3 released

Improved support for viewing and printing of Microsoft Excel (.XLS) files.


September 8, 2010 - Version 2010 Update 2 released

Added support for viewing and saving emails and attachments from winmail.dat files.

Added support for viewing of more Microsoft Office files:

.XLSMicrosoft Excel File
.XLSXMicrosoft Excel 2007+ File

Added support for video file playback:

.3G2Video file for 3G CDMA2000 multimedia services
.3GPVideo file for 3G mobile phones
.AVIVideo file in Audio Video Interleave format
.DIVXVideo file in DivX format
.FLACAudio file in Free Lossless Audio Codec format
.FLVVideo file in Flash format for use on the Internet
.M4VVideo file in iTunes format
.MKVVideo file in Matroska format
.MOVVideo file in QuickTime Movie format
.MP4Video file that uses MPEG-4 compression
.MPEGVideo file in MPEG format
.MPGVideo file in MPEG format
.OGMVideo file in Ogg Media format
.RMVideo file in Real Media format
.RMVBVideo file in Real Media Variable Bit Rate format
.VOBVideo file in DVD format
.WMVVideo file in Windows Media Video format

Added support for audio file playback:

.AACAudio file in Advanced Audio Coding format
.AC3Audio file in Audio Codec 3 format
.APEAudio file in Monkey's Audio format
.DTSAudio file in Digital Theater Systems format
.FLACAudio file in Free Lossless Audio Codec format
.M4AAudio file in MPEG-4 Audio Layer format
.MKAAudio file in Matroska Audio Stream format
.MP2Audio file in MPEG-1 Audio Layer II format
.MP3Audio file in MPEG-1 or MPEG-2 Audio Layer III format
.MPAAudio file in MPEG Audio File format
.MPCAudio file in Musepack Compressed Audio format
.OFRAudio file in OptimFrog Audio format
.OGGAudio file in Ogg Vorbis Audio format
.RAAudio file in Real Audio format
.TTAAudio file in The True Audio Codec format
.WAVAudio file in Waveform Audio format
.WMAAudio file in Windows Media Audio format


August 8, 2010 - Version 2010 Update 1 released

Added support for printing of all image formats and improved support for reading of PNG and TIFF files.


July 14, 2010 - Version 2010 released

Initial release with support for viewing and printing of a wide range of document, image and binary file formats:

.ANIAnimated cursor
.ASPMicrosoft Active Server Page
.ASPXMicrosoft Extended Active Server Page
.BAKBackup file
.BINBinary data file
.BMPBitmap Image file
.BWRaw Black and White Bitmap
.CELAutoDesk Animator Cel Image
.CFGConfiguration file
.CURCursor image or animation
.CUTDr. Halo image
.DATData file, e.g. winmail.dat files
.DIBDevice-Independent Bitmap Graphic file
.DIZDescription file
.DOCMicrosoft Word 97-2003
.DOCXMicrosoft Word 2007+
.EMFWindows Enchanced Metafile
.EPSEncapsulated Postscript file
.FAXFax document
.GIFGraphical Interchange Format image file
.ICBTruevision ICB Targa Image File
.ICOIcon file
.INFOInformational file
.JFIFJPEG File Interchange Format
.JP2JPEG 2000 Core Image File
.JPCJPEG 2000 Code Stream File
.JPEJPEG Image File
.JPEGJPEG Image File
.JPGJPEG Image File
.MANIFESTApplication manifest file
.PALDr. Halo image
.PBMPortable Bitmap Image
.PCCZSoft Paintbrush image
.PCDKodak Photo-CD image
.PCXZSoft Paintbrush image
.PDDAdobe PhotoDeluxe Image
.PDFAdobe Portable Document Format
.PGMPortable Gray Map Image
.PHPHypertext Preprocessor File
.PICGeneric Picture File
.PNGPortable Network Graphics Image file
.PNMPortable Any Map Image
.PPMPortable Pixmap Image File
.PSDAdobe Photoshop Image file
.PSPPaint Shop Pro Image file
.RASSun Raster Graphic image file
.RGBRGB Bitmap image file
.RGBASGI RGBA Image file
.RLASGI Alias/Wavefront RLA image
.RLERun Length Encoded Bitmap
.RPFSGI Alias/Wavefront RPF image file
.RTFRich Text Format
.SGISilicon Graphics Image File
.TGATruevision TGA Targa Image File
.TIFTagged Image File
.TIFFTagged Image File
.TMPTemporary file
.TXTText file
.VDATruevision VDA Targa Image File
.VSTTruevision VST Targa Image File
.WINTruevision WIN Targa Image File
.WMFWindows Meta File

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